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          歡迎訪問上?;壑路g有限公司官方網站!   翻譯咨詢:021-51691607 50716167(總機轉客服部)  中文     英文     繁體    收藏本站
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          Founded in 2003 and headquartered in Hong Kong with regional offices in Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Belgium and the US. funmobile has been at the forefront of innovation as a leading mobile content developer and messaging services provider in Asia Pacific .


          funmobile provides interactive and portable gaming to more than 100 partners including leading telecommunication operators such as Vodafone and T-Mobile from around the world. Our high-quality games are compatible to the latest models in the market and we strive to provide a wide range of content that are high-quality, exciting and, innovative to enrich people's mobile life with fun and joy.


          As we continue to enhance and expand our business relationships with more and more major operators, portals, media companies and retail channels, funmobile's presence has become more dominant in the mobile entertainment industry. We have developed some of the most exceptional mobile content ranging from fascinating games including action, racing, shooting, RPG, puzzle and casino/card games in accordance with world market and local trends. Our wide selection has been proven to be popular at end-users?? preferences.


          At the end of year 2004, funmobile started to extend its mobile contents from games into picture messages, wallpapers and ringtones. We have captured the pioneer practices of the most innovative messaging deployment by Premium SMS in delivering corporate solutions for effective communication; voting platforms for TV channels; mobile marketing with SMS subscriptions for brands; real-time chatting and other interactive SMS push and pull services to mobile subscribers around regions of South East Asia. With such services, we have created a simple route for mass market communication where important information can be sent to clients, suppliers, colleagues as texts messages to their mobile phones efficiently and effectively.


          funmobile is always seeking to explore exciting new business opportunities in mobile communication and related markets. We will continue to establish our footprint and gain competitive advantage through our commitment to mobile entertainment.

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          • 上海翻譯公司
          •  電話:021-51691607 50716167
          •  傳真:021-60911336 50177361
          •  郵箱:huizhifanyi@126.com
          •  人才招聘:huizhi_hr@126.com
          地址:上海市浦東新區張楊路228號湯臣中心A座1405室 電話:021-51691607 傳真:021-60911336 網站優化支持:云優化
          上?;壑路g有限公司版權所有 滬ICP備08013562號
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